Proven Strategies for B2B Email Marketing

13/02/2017 12:00:00 AM

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Email marketing is used by over 82% of B2B companies, according to Campaign Monitor. So, there is a high likelihood that your competitors are using email marketing. Make sure your customers are prioritising your emails with these handy tips.

A/B Test

Most email providers allow you to A/B Test email content. This is a powerful tool to learn about your subscribers. By testing areas such as time of send, subject lines and even the entire email design – you will learn what times and days get the best response rate, or what language and visual content your audience responds to best. This allows you to continuously improve and update your emails, which will lead to increased response rates!

Personalise with dynamic content

Gone are the days where customers respond favourably to mass, blanket message emails. Show your customers that you know them, by personalising content in the email. You might use their name or account number, or you could even use data from their most recent purchase. Personalisation can also involve the sender’s details. Rather than all emails coming “from” your company name (e.g. IMA), try replacing this with “John from IMA”. People relate to other people. By humanising your brand, customers will feel better connected to a real person.

Call to action

The simplest and most important advice here is to make buttons look like buttons. Decide what action you want customer to take after reading your email. Once you decide if you want them to click through to a landing page, or download a form – then turn it into a call-to-action button. This should be easily identifiable and stand-alone from the other content in the email.


As with most other design collateral, it’s important to avoid huge amounts of text and hard to read fonts. While it’s tempting to get fancy with different fonts, keep it legible. It goes the same for confusing imagery. Keep to using imagery that is clear and relevant to the email. Of most importance is to ensure all emails are mobile optimised. If people can’t read your email on a mobile, it’s likely to get deleted quickly. Over 53% of emails are opened on a mobile, so don’t miss this chance to reach more than half of your database*.

Landing page

Always ensure your email links to a relevant landing page, one that continues the user journey from your email. There is nothing worse than clicking a link in an email, only to find yourself searching for content related to that email. Think about the customer journey from opening your email, to clicking through to find out more and then hopefully taking an action such as a purchase or form submission.


Keep your message clear and simple. Don’t overcomplicate your email with multiple competing messages. If you’re announcing a product launch, just announce the product launch. Customers are overwhelmed with thousands of marketing messages per day, including emails. Make sure yours stands out by keeping it simple, attention grabbing and clear!

Acquire, retain, reactivate

Email marketing best sits in the retain and reactivate space. Once you have acquired customers, email is a successful way of keeping customers retained and reactivating any customers you may have lost along the way. If you have lost customers, it’s important to understand why, so you can target them with an appropriate email message.


Segmenting your data into easily identifiable categories, can dramatically increase the response rates on your email marketing campaigns. Customers do not respond well to irrelevant content that is not engaging.  By segmenting your customers by demographics, geography, previously purchased products, job titles, industries or time since last purchase – you can create highly targeted messages that make sense to the intended audience.

Surprise and Delight

Give your customers a positive and upbeat view of your brand by surprising them with an email message out of the ordinary. Perhaps a special discount for being a loyal customer, or a birthday gift to make them feel special. The best surprises are those that are truly unexpected and have no complicated conditions attached. Keep it simple and make sure it has value. 

Email marketing is always evolving, so it’s important to test what works best for your business. Best times to send, the appropriate language and the most engaging designs all differ for every business. Find out what works best for you and your customers, then keep monitoring it to stay on top of any unexpected changes.

*Campaign Monitor

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