Among this week’s not-to-miss social media news stories: LinkedIn continues to grow; Instagram’s IGTV isn’t performing as well as some expected; Facebook helps small businesses make videos; and more.

1) Social Media Managers become the new brand power brokers According to Facebook’s new podcast series Face 2 Face, in many companies, Social Media Mangers are beginning to replace Chief Marketing Officers as the people with the most brand control. This change is all part of a broader shift towards a community-led marketing approach.

2) LinkedIn global user figures hit 575 million Showing few signs of slowing down, LinkedIn has announced that it now has 575 million registered members worldwide. The country topping the list was India with 50-plus million users, while China came in second with 42-plus million, and the US was third on 150-plus million. Australia, with our total population of just under 25 million, currently has in excess of nine million LinkedIn members.

3) Facebook makes it easier to turn images and text into videos. Facebook’s Creative Shop team has announced that it will introduce a new feature to make it easier for small businesses with few resources to convert text and images into video. In addition, the tools – ‘Video Creation Kit’, ‘Video Cropping’, and ‘Simple Video Creation Tool’ – also make it easier to create video templates using your Page Content.

4) Instagram’s video offering stalls IGTV, Instagram’s standalone vertical video application, hasn't exactly failed but it isn’t exactly getting people excited either. As reports, although it launched only two months ago, IGTV recently saw its weekly installs drop by 94 per cent and it is not getting as many views as initially hoped. Still its early days yet and – given that Instagram itself has a billion-plus monthly active users, 500 million-plus daily active users, and 400 million-plus daily active stories – it’s probably fair to say it can afford to give IGTV some time to find its feet.

5) Facebook reducing targeting options in Ads Manager Facebook has announced that it will cut over 5,000 targeting options, most of which allow advertisers to limit certain audiences seeing their ads. The move, which is a response to suggestions some advertisers have excluded people on racial, ethnic, and religious grounds, will be accompanied by a requirement for advertisers (only in the US at this stage) to complete a non-discrimination certification to continue advertising on Facebook. The excluded terms include terms like ‘Passover’, ‘Evangelicalism’, ‘Native American culture’, ‘Islamic culture’ and ‘Buddhism’.

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