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Digital Marketing Insights , Latest Trends / 15 Jun 18

Structured Data: what is it and why you need it to increase your website visibility

‘Structured data’ refers to any information that is logically organised according to pre-determined categories.

Digital Marketing Insights , Latest Trends / 08 Jun 18

Why has Facebook jumped on the blockchain bandwagon?

In May, David Marcus the boss of Facebook’s Messenger announced via Twitter that he will head up a “small group” to examine how Facebook could become involved in blockchain technology

Digital Marketing Insights / 22 Jan 18

Social Media Content Planning with the 70:20:10 Rule

Finding that golden balance of practical, informative, creative and memorable content can be tricky. A general rule of thumb that will help you generate your content plan for social media is to follow the 70:20:10 rule.

Digital Marketing Insights / 15 Jan 18

5 steps needed to achieve and build digital growth

At IMA, we’ve identified the 5 steps needed to achieve and build digital growth & success for your business online.

Digital Marketing Insights / 06 Nov 17

7 Questions to Ask Your Website Team

Asides from discussing the design and the obvious questions of “how long?” and “how much?”, there are a number of important questions to ask your web designer / team before you proceed with any web project.

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