What does the Facebook data hack mean for your business? 

Over the weekend, Facebook logged out 50 million users who had been affected by a data security breach. In addition, another 40 million users were also logged out of the platform as a precautionary measure.

Reports around what is being called the Facebook hack of 2018, are that users accounts were made vulnerable through a feature of Facebook known as ‘view as’. This feature allows users to see their profile as it would look to a member of the public, or to someone else in their network. A vulnerability in the code used by Facebook, provided hackers with the digital keys that allow people to stay logged in.

In response to the Facebook hack, the social platform giant has reset the access tokens, and users are required to log back into their accounts. Although it is unclear at the moment as to who carried out this breach and what their intent was, it does reinforce the importance of remaining vigilant when it comes to the security of your social media accounts – both business and personal. 

Simple steps to secure your business and personal accounts only take a few minutes to implement, but can sometimes be overlooked leaving your accounts vulnerable.

Consider the following steps;

1. Ensure that your password is strong 

2. Utilise different passwords across different social media accounts and reset regularly

3. Approach link clicks with caution

4. If you utilise social media accounts through your smart phone, ensure it is password protected

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