How Live Chat and Messenger integrations can help B2B businesses increase leads

Immediate, personalized and efficient, Live Chat is proving to be a far better conversion tool than standard digital tools like landing pages, email and the humble phone. It can help most businesses, whether they are product- or service-based, generate and nurture sales leads, before they give up and reach out to competitors.

A hybrid approach: Live Chat and Messenger integration

However Live Chat on its own does have its limitations, including an inability to:
  • Take the conversation on the go
  • Continue the conversation at a later date
  • Continue the conversation once a client has left your website
  • Refer to a previous communication between the two parties
The good news is that there is a better solution, namely Live Chat and Messenger Integration.

In late 2017, HubSport conducted a Research Consumer Survey that found 42 per cent of Australian respondents would be willing to contact a company for help or assistance using a chat platform such a Facebook Messenger.

The great news for early adopters of Live Chat & Messenger integration is this figure is growing year on year. We are likely to follow Asia’s trend and should reach upwards of 75 per cent.

IMAGE As you can see a whopping 77 per cent of people are comfortable or prefer to contact business through messenger in Asia. If your business is serious about customer sales and conversions, you should adopt this technology sooner rather than later.

The rise of mobile usage and Live Chat

Over the last several years, searches made from mobile devices have grown at an exponential rate. They have surpassed desktop searches for thousands of businesses globally.

This rapid shift has also resulted in a change in search preferences. Mobile search queries differ from Desktop search queries, in that they tend to pertain to trending topics and queries focused on receiving fast solutions.

(INSERT IMAGE mobile search growth) In this new digital environment, businesses that are unable to deliver timely results to their mobile customer base will lose business.

Integrating Live-Chat with Messenger means clients receive fast-paced solutions, where and when they want them. This helps drive leads and sales, and establish your brand as a market leader.

IMA can lead the implementation of Live Chat onto your website including the integration with Facebook messenger. We educate your staff on best practices and, ultimately, help generate leads and deliver conversions.

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