Businesses considering outsourcing SEO offshore should be forewarned that they do so at their own risk.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an often-misunderstood nugget of gold in the world of digital marketing. Today, SEO is arguably the lifeblood behind digital success. While every man and his dog crave visibility, exposure and traffic to their website, in a finite world with limited markets this in unfortunately not possible.

Business owners often spend countless hours on their websites and pour thousands of dollars into content, strategy and advertising. Yet they believe there is a cheap (few hundred dollar) one-time solution when it comes to SEO. Are elusively high rankings and a bullet proof website just a few clicks away?

Sadly, if your business is considering outsourcing SEO offshore, then you lack education in the subject, it’s purpose and the ongoing effort it takes to achieve results. If this is you, please read further so we can help you make an informed decision before you waste your money on an inferior offshore product.

What is SEO?

This may come as a surprise, but the primary goal of SEO is to optimise your website, both from a technical and on-page standpoint, by adhering to the rules set out by the search engine you wish to be found in. The by-product of following best practice is ranking higher in search results, which, in turn, leads to more business and more sales.

Remember, there are no magic tricks an SEO specialist can perform where he taps a few keystrokes, clicks a few mysterious boxes in the back-end of your website then BANG! Voila! You’re number one!

The real problems with outsourcing SEO offshore

With your crash course in SEO under your belt, we will now explain the wrong way to perform SEO, which unfortunately from a financial standpoint is taking it offshore. Just remember you get what you pay for.

  1. Overcoming language barriers
  2. Unless you do your homework carefully, your website could be turned into a cesspool of grammatical errors, there for the world to see. That marquee content you just paid for might end up looking like a two-year-old wrote it.

  3. Security risk
  4. Did you know you will need to grant website access to your offshore SEO specialist, who may operate in a jurisdiction not bound by the rules and regulations that you are accustomed to?

  5. Not understanding your product, market or niche
  6. Will your offshore SEO expert take the time to properly research your business, your competitors and apply this knowledge into quality engaging content and understand your target demographics like the back of their hand? Probably not.

  7. Time zone differences
  8. It’s quite difficult to communicate with your colleagues when they operate half way across the world. Frustration alone may drive you insane.

  9. Bad SEO practice
  10. Your offshore SEO specialist will struggle to follow up-to-date SEO best practice, which is dynamic and can change at a whim.

  11. Education is key
  12. Your SEO specialist should educate you and walk you through anything you don’t understand. Most importantly, he/she should explain the steps taken to achieve these results and what can be done to improve them even more. There are no “industry secrets we just can’t share with you”.

  13. Complete lies and false claims
  14. Some offshore providers are notorious for claiming they know someone at Google or can promise you #1 rankings in search results. Such claims are untrue. Don’t fall victim to them.

Why local SEO is the way to go

The rules set out by search engines like Google are dynamic and change from week to week. Offshore SEO contracts can be packaged to make the average consumer believe the process is merely about checking a few boxes, instead of the dynamic process it actually is. Of course we’re not telling you these tasks hold no importance, However, SEO is a dynamic process and should be treated as such.

A recent example which demonstrates how quick the SEO landscape can change was Googles decision to use page speed in mobile search ranking (the speed update). This now influences rankings for both desktop and mobile versions of your website.

A Good local SEO expert will adapt to these changes and apply these updates (or at least consult you). Those who went offshore can often be left with lacklustre websites, chasing arbitrary metrics.

Best practice drives traffic and your bottom line. Failure to optimise correctly will leave your business in a precarious position. Take the time and the do SEO the right way.

Hopefully you recognise the significant benefits SEO can bring to your business. We believe the best approach is for you, as a business, to first educate yourself around this topic and then begin applying this new-found knowledge to your website. When you’ve exhausted your own resources, bring in a local SEO expert who will get you the best results.

If you have an SEO enquiry for your business, contact IMA below and we’d be more than happy to help.

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