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Your IMA SEO Consultants start with a complete website audit of your site

IMA, the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency in Sydney, understands that the first step to improving your website’s chances of ranking well on Google is to complete an SEO Website Audit.

Our SEO experts consider both on-page and off-page factors to develop an overview of any issues that are likely to affect your organic search results. And from there, they are in a good position to start making fixes, with the ultimate aim of seeing your content rise closer and closer to the top of search pages.

The factors involved in our SEO Website Audits include:

Content Creation

Our IMA Sydney SEO consultant team recognise “Content is King”, a phrase that has been around since the advent of the Internet which still rings true. Put simply, if you don’t have the content that people want to see, view, read, or interact with, there really is no point having a website in the first place.

Well-written, SEO-optimised copy helps your website rank higher in search than your competitors in your niche and for keywords your business must target. Optimised content will convert drive traffic and convert leads.

IMA’s team of SEO consultants and copywriters have a wealth of experience in the B2B space. They have the knowledge to distil what’s important about your business and your products. And with the assistance of our SEO experts, they have the know-how to not only identify the best keywords for your business to target, but also to work them seamlessly into your content.

At IMA, there is method behind everything we do. Our content creation service is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Acknowledging first that combining regular fresh copy with evergreen content is the best path to follow, we look closely at each of our customers and the markets in which they operate, then tailor the right combination of evergreen copy, case studies, news, and so forth for each.
In short, IMA’s content creation services gives you the best chance of getting to the top of search results. 

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is the process of ensuring Google can crawl and rank your website pages in search engine results. Onsite SEO is anything you can directly influence on your website, namely content, structure, load speed and user design.

So, it’s all about what’s happening there on your web pages. It’s about making sure you have plenty of content that these web crawlers can easily understand. The more relevant, optimised content you have, the better your Google results will be.

IMA’s SEO experts are up to the task of first checking whether you have all the necessary elements of Onsite Optimisation and ensuring that you do.

Our Sydney SEO consultants consider your website’s:

  • Accessibility – We ensure your content is available and can be accessed by anyone on any device ensuring functionality requirements are met. 
  • Page title tags and meta descriptions – These are not only the first things search engines read, but also what will appear on search pages, so they can’t be too long or short and should be catchy. 
  • <H1> and all relevant <H2> to <H6> heading tags depending on the content on page.
  • ALT text for images – ALT text describes an image to a reader with a visual impairment. Additionally, ALT text can allow images to be discovered in search engine results.  
  • Internal links – While these improve the user experience and keep readers engaged with your content, a proper well though out internal linking strategy allows search engines to crawl and identify and rank your pages.
  • Duplicate content through your websites proper use or lack of usage of canonical tags
  • Structured data – this is data which is presented in an ordered format (e.g. within a table or graph). Google likes this, so we help you incorporate it where possible.
  • Formatting of URLS – ensuring things like the spelling and grammar of your URLs are correct and words are separated by hyphens is best practice. Our SEO consultants also offer this service.
  • Broken links and HTTP status errors – Users don’t like these, Google doesn’t like them, nobody likes them. We ensure your website doesn’t have any.
  • Breadcrumbs – These links, which allow users to track their path from the page they are viewing to your home page, are good for SEO.

Offsite SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can broadly divided into two main categories, Onsite SEO (sometimes also called ‘On-Page Optimisation’) and Offsite SEO (‘Off-Page Optimisation’).While Onsite SEO may seem the more obvious of the two, Offsite SEO is just as important if you want your website to rank as highly as possible.

Broadly, this process can be described as promoting your website elsewhere on the Internet, as well as building your online reputation. 

IMA's Sydney SEO consultant team use a range of techniques to ensure your offsite SEO is on point, these include;

  • Blog/forum marketing - This is a great way of letting the market know that you are not only an expert in your field, but that you are motivated and dedicated enough to position yourself as a thought leader among your peers.
  • Article submissions to relevant websites to establish your business as a thought leader in the your industry. 
  • Search Engine Submissions. Website crawling techniques are not perfect, so sometimes search engines are not aware of all your relevant pages. Our Sydney SEO consultants are familiar with search engine protocols and can ensure your site is submitted properly for indexing.
  • Content baiting - we are well practised at this technique, which is creating content designed to attract other content creators to link to your content. 
  • Make your site available on local listings - Google isn't the only place to find your website. Our consultants make sure you appear on all relevant local directories. 

Local SEO

For obvious reasons, a lot of businesses are only interested in finding customers from their local areas. For example, a plumber based in Melbourne would have no interest in being contacted by somebody in Perth with a blocked drain. This is where Local SEO, a means to promote your business to people in your area, can help. Employing a range of techniques, some of which are completely different to standard SEO strategies, it is a great way to deliver local businesses real local leads. At IMA (SEO consultant Sydney), we are well-practiced in all the most effective Local SEO techniques, including:

  • Local SERPs: Different to traditional organic search results, these are the results that appear below the map on a local Google search. The way to get yourself in this prime position is to complete a Google my business profile.
  • Structured citations: We make sure your business receives local citations so your important details appear in local business directories. 

Keyword Research

IMA (SEO consultant Sydney) understands that keyword research is a critically important part of any SEO strategy. Our SEO consultants have the experience and know all the techniques to ensure that you target the best keywords for your business and, as a result, rank as highly on SERPs as possible.

To do this, we follow these steps;

  • Our SEO experts talk to you, our client, in order to develop an understanding of your business, your products, and your market. They study your website and those of your competitors.
  • Starting with broad subject areas relevant to your business, and with the assistance of tools such as Google Analytics, they then come up with several possible keywords for each.
  • We include a mix of head terms (short generic terms, usually of just 1-3 words) and long-tail keywords (longer phrases containing three-plus words).

This last point is important because, while head terms tend to attract a greater numbers of searches overall, they are also more difficult to rank for than long-tail terms. Through careful research, our SEO consultants are able make the most of long tail terms.

Their experience and familiarity with the SEO landscape, makes it possible for them to take advantage of the fact that people who use long tail search terms tend to have more knowledge around the search topic, and to therefore be better business prospects.

Technical SEO

Apart from making your website attractive to search engine crawling, you need to also ensure there are no technical factors preventing them from doing this. Technical SEO ensures they can access, crawl, interpret and index your website without any problem.

IMA Sydney SEO consultants offer full Technical SEO audits including:

  • Running regular reports to identify issues including slow page load speed, duplicate content and broken links. 
  • Ensuring your URLs all have HTTPS status – this is important to ensure the security of your website
  • Checking your website’s XML sitemap status – again, this is worth doing because it allows search engine crawlers to navigate through your web pages.
  • Checking for keyword cannibalisation (which occurs when two or more of your web pages are competing for the same keywords). Our SEO experts are able to easily rectify this problem by deciding which page should be given priority and therefore kept.
  • Checking for duplicate metadata – we take the time to ensure all your web pages have their own unique meta descriptions.
  • Checking your site’s robots.txt file to ensure it is not blocking search engine crawling
  • Optimising meta description length – right now, the optimal length is 320 characters.

Link Building/Backlinks 

Backlinking does two things. It increases traffic to your website and also helps establish you as significant, authoritative voice in your industry. When people see that your online presence extends beyond your own website and realise that you know what you’re talking about, they are likely to start seeing you and your business as relevant and trustworthy.

IMA (SEO consultant Sydney) has the expertise to tailor a comprehensive link building plan that does just this. There are a number of ways we can do this, including:

  • Creating sharable content – This is the practice of creating quality, relevant content (often in the form of infographics or studies) and inviting others to share it, along with a link back to your website.
  • Guest posting – Guided by our SEO experts, IMA copywriters are able to write engaging, topical articles for submission to third party websites. Also known as influencer marketing, this is not only an attractive proposition for these external sites, but also has the added benefit of boosting your traffic.
  • Syndication – Much like guest posting, content syndication refers to the practice of promoting your content on well-known platforms like LinkedIn Publishing, Reddit, and Google+.
  • Testimonials & interviews – A general willingness to participate fully within your broader industry, and to engage through things like third party testimonials, interviews, case studies and so forth, can only have a positive effect on your traffic. Our SEO consultants know how to go about this and advise our clients accordingly

SEO Copywriting

Unlike print material, online content has two purposes. Apart from informing and/or entertaining the reader, it actually helps attract more readers.
IMA’s SEO experts identify keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business and the market you serve. By skilfully incorporating these into your content, our experienced copywriters are able to provide you with all the benefits of optimised content without diminishing its quality, relevance or readability.

Our copywriters understand that this process isn’t about just loading web pages with the ‘right’ keywords and expecting the traffic to immediately start increasing. It is about identifying worthy subject matter that they would write about even if SEO optimisation wasn’t a consideration, and then incorporating relevant keywords into their copy without detracting from its quality.

IMA copywriters understand the importance of not just keyword density, but also other key factors like keyword positioning (within headings and so forth), keyword variation, and article length. And, recognising the dynamic nature of SEO, we are always ready to alter your website copy to further improve your results. 

We ensure that you have the best website to not only inform your market of who you are and what you offer, but to attract the largest possible audience.

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