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Take Search Engine Marketing to the next level with Google Ads & IMA DIGITAL

As a Google Ads (formerly Google Ad Words) certified agency, IMA Digital will develop the best performing online advertisements for your business. Search Engine Marketing is undoubtedly the fastest way to secure the top advertising position in Google search results for your local, national or multinational B2B or B2C marketing campaigns. 

There are more than 100 billion searches online every month, so keep your business in prime search engine result positions by running Google Ads campaigns. 

IMA takes the hassle out of managing your Google Ads account. We focus on what matters the most to your business and offer several custom packages which suit any businesses advertising budget. Our Google Ads Agency management packages focus on;

Google Ads Manager - Ad group level breakdown with metrics

Google Ads demonstration of an IMA digital account at the Ad Group level. Key account metrics are available for consideration before making optimisations including Click Through Rate (CTR), Impressions and Cost per Conversion.

What are the benefits to a Search Engine Marketing campaign with IMA? 

Search Engine Marketing Growth Advantages


Earn new leads from day ONE with a Google Ads managed campaign

  • IMA digital will ensure your ads display in first position in Google search engine results targeting qualified leads for your B2B or B2C business. 
  • Your promotions are out to market faster than any traditional marketing platform.
  • Live Google Ads can be modified at a moments notice to reflect updates to your campaign via our digital agency team.
  • Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads will yield instant results whereas SEO can take 3-9 months to see real results.

Cost effective pay-per-click targeted Search Engine Marketing 

Only pay for advertising when a user reaches your website

  • Pay-Per Click (PPC) - is both highly measurable and highly trackable.
  • Develop a wealth of marketing data for use in all your marketing channels from user behaviour to conversion data. 
  • PPC with Google Ads gives you complete control; bid for as little as 1c per keyword click. 
  • Your budget can be predetermined and won't blow out.
  • Flexibility and manoeuvrability down to each specific keyword.

Targeting optimal keywords for your campaign

In-depth Keyword research to yield maximum ROI

  • First IMA will identify your keyword spectrum. We use PPC data, analytical data, internal search data, Search Console data and competitor's insights relating specifically to your product or service. Most importantly we consult with you during the process to understand the intricacies of your brand.
  • IMA consistently expand and decrease your keyword lists over time depending on campaign performance, CPC and newly discovered opportunities in the market. 
  • We categorise your keywords into highly specific campaigns to maximise the potential of each targeted keyword.
  • We identify the optimal landing page on your website for your campaign goal. We then implement targeted keywords to ensure quality scores remain high across your account which minimise bidding costs and maximise returns.
  • We will utilise a variety of keyword types across your campaign, from broad and broad match modifier to phrase and exact match keywords

Control your Search Engine Marketing strategy

Grow your business with customised marketing strategies

Professional ad copy and creative design by an Australian digital agency 

Represent your brand professionally and effectively 

  • IMA write compelling and genuine ad copy to maximise our clients click through rates. 
  • IMA create ads that appeal to users across different devices and platforms.
  • IMA split test your ads to maximise our clients return on investment.
  • IMA optimise existing ads and rotate ads.
  • IMA create stunning graphical designs to represent your brand with our in-house design team throughout your display campaigns. 

Run ad re-targeting campaigns with Google Ads 

A highly effective way to stay connected with your target audience 

  • Re-targeting can make or break your business. A regular display campaign on average generates a click through rate of 0.07% while re-targeted ads have a click through rate of 0.7%.
  • Or re-targeted ads have a 10 times greater click through rate than ordinary display ads.
  • IMA optimise your re-targeting lists and deliver the right ad to ensure missed leads are reduced.

IMA Google Ads campaigns are optimised for conversions

We focus on what's most important 

  • Drive lead form completions.
  • Drive direct sales.
  • Drive sign-ups & registrations.
  • Drive branding campaigns through key page views.
  • Drive click to call conversions.
  • Drive app downloads.

In depth quality monthly Search Engine Marketing reports

Customised reports for the needs of your business

  • IMA clients receive monthly reports with detailed insights highlighting the accounts progress goals and metrics.
  • Reports are highly customised to our clients needs.

Search Engine Marketing Reporting

A poorly managed Google Ads campaign can cost your business time and money through mismanagement. It's important to have an expert managing your campaign to ensure growth and return on investment.

Optimal Search Engine Marketing results are achieved by experts - Reach out to IMA Digital below to see how we can help grow your business.

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