Social Media Management Sydney - Channel and Page Audits

As the first step in Sydney social media agency IMA’s offering, channel and page audits are all about looking at the social media presence that our new clients already have.

How your business utilises social media

We examine how your business is currently using social media, what is already working for you and how we can help improve your existing strategy. 

Keeping in mind that different platforms are more suited to different markets and demographics, we consider what channels your business is using (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc).

IMA will look at how often you update each of your feeds. This is important because, just as you don’t want to starve your followers of new content, you also don’t want to overwhelm them with too much.

What’s working for you

Working out your top performing content is not as simple as it may sound. For us, as a social media management company, it involves publishing metrics, engagement metrics and channel specific metrics. And, importantly, it includes audience demographics. You want to make sure you are reaching people who are actually likely to convert into customers. 

Then, having identified your best performing content, we work out the common features of these posts. We ask questions like – do they have similar styles (promotional, educational or entertaining), and does content in specific formats (articles, videos, or rich media) do well?

Consistent branding

In addition, our channel and page audits look at how your social media presence presents your business. It is important that the branding is consistent across all channels. And it is important that you hit the right tone to attract the right audience. 

From there, IMA (social media management Sydney) is in a good position to start planning a social media strategy and improve your future results.  

Content Strategy

No matter what business you are in, social media marketing is all about building your brand awareness, promoting engagement with your business and, ultimately, improving your conversions and financial returns.

Defining your business goals & consider your market

Before embarking on a new social media marketing campaign and attempting to achieve these goals, you need a content strategy. The first step to developing this involves identifying your broader business goals and how social media can help you achieve them.

You have to consider not only what you, as a business are doing, but also what is happening in your industry. You need to have your finger on the pulse of the market; and be aware of how your competitors are responding to customer needs.

IMA's Sydney social media management team are the experts who can do this for you. IMA understand how to best use social media for your specific market.

At this point, it is important to note the range of content formats available on social media. Realising that it is important to take advantage of all, we incorporate not only text and images, but also videos, mutli-image formats, carousel, and so forth into your feeds.

Content calendar

As a next step, together with our clients, we consider where to source their social media content  from. Product releases, pre-existing content such as web links and so forth, are always an important part of the mix, but generally we also include quality third party content that is likely to appeal to your audience.

On top of that, we encourage clients to provide us with ‘thought leadership’ pieces, dealing with industry-relevant topics and written by experts form within their own businesses on their social media channels.
As an experienced social media management company, IMA has learned that such content not only performs extremely well compared to similar pieces, written anonymously or by unknown contributors, but also helps reinforce your industry standing.

Having considered all these factors, we settle on what content we will post and set it in a content calendar, for approval by you.

Page Management

Having completed your channel and page audit and settled on the right content strategy to optimise the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign, IMA (social media agency Sydney) is then in a position to take over the day-to-day management of your channels.

Apart from posting according to the agreed upon content calendar, they keep a daily eye on all your pages, (whether they are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube), and monitor all page activity.
We work with you to establish the best way to handle incoming enquiries, whether you’d like to be hands on or freed up to focus on other things. Our team develop a custom approach to enquiry management.


Given the dynamic nature of the social media landscape and the ever-changing tastes and requirements of online audiences, social media management is also an-ever changing, responsive exercise.

Our specialist Sydney social media team understands that  to succeed on behalf of our clients, we need to always monitor the performance of our work. To do this, we produce monthly analytic reports for all our clients.

Our reports consider each of your social media channels separately and note all the key metrics for the just-completed month. Because of the differences between the major social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) our social media management team's reports will differ for each.

However, as an example, the metrics for Facebook include:
-          Number of followers
-          Number of new followers
-          Page viral impressions
-          Total post reach
-          Page impressions
-          Page engagement rate
-          Top post by impressions
-          Top post by engagement

On top of that, we provide an in-depth ‘Insights’ section.

This is important because it provides you, as an IMA client, with context. Our social media experts comment on the month’s performance and offer explanations for its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they provide suggestions about how the strengths can be further capitalised on and how the weaknesses can be addressed.

Are Facebook likes more important than followers? 

Facebook followers are the stronger asset for engagement. Followers directly influence a posts reach. Likes measure the sentiment of the post.

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